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Carré One remote LED-shelves

The Carré One lockable shelving units are unique remote locked eyewear shelves with high level integrated LED-lightning.

Carré steel LED-shelves

The Carré steel shelving units are the ultimate presentations to express your unique brands. Highlighting each of your frames individually using 10 led-spotlights per frame.

Carré with lockable columns

This Carré display with our Alumina locked eyewear rods integrated are the ideal solution to display your high-end sunglasses. These units create high-capacity presentations with integrated top panel lighting.

Carré glass shelves

The Carré glass shelving units is a transparent shelving system with a minimalistic look, which pure and clean design emphasizes the focus on your frames. The top panel led-light reduces the cast shadow for optimal product experience.

Carré storage

The Carré Mirror & Storage Units are equipped with a full-size glass mirror, that hides a storage compartment for additional stock and eyewear cases.

Carré island unit

Carré island units invite your customer to browse through your latest collections, offers and themes. They create a unique eyewear presenting place on your floor and is also directly a tool to support the right customer routing through your shop.

Alumina wall display

Alumina eyewear rods are the natural choice for high-capacity presentations and seamless integration. Available in non-locked, key-locked and remote-controlled versions.

Mino wall display

Mino eyewear rods feature an elegant and attractive industrial design and are available in non-locked and key-locked versions.

Freestanding floor display

The Basalt is a double-sided freestanding display with a modern industrial look for high-traffic locations, available in a lockable and non-lockable version.

Accessories Carré One

Our range of Carré One accessories allows you to create an exciting lively eyewear experience, easily update communicative impulses, and express the identity of the eyewear brands.

Accessories Alumina

Alumina accessories help convey your identity and brands, and are available in two different sizes: A5-sized or business-card sized.

Accessories Mino

Mino accessories help convey your identity and brands, and are available in two different sizes: A5-sized or business-card sized.



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