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sunglasses display cabinet

Presenting your frames horizontally is both clear and modern. Over the past few years, we have seen many optical shops changing their interior to eyewear displays with horizontal, open shelves. 

The biggest advantage of presenting your eyewear collection in a horizontal way is to create easy-to-oversee displays, where your luxurious frames have more space to be highlighted. The customers in the shop will focus their attention on the (often smaller) collections presented in this manner.

sunGLASSES wall display

For over 35 years, the core business of Top Vision Instore has been designing and manufacturing so-called eyewear rods for wall or panels. This wall-mounted sunglasses display is widely used in shops world wide.

Every optical store has a part of their shop where they want to present complete eyewear collections. These areas in the shop, which are used to present frames in a high capacity, will always have eyewear rods integrated in the presentation as it's clearly the most (cost) efficient way to present a lot of glasses.

CHOOSE YOUR NEW sunGLASSES display stand


This sunglasses display cabinet, with unique remote lockable shelves, is the ultimate luxury eyewear display. Present your high-end collections safely!

sunglasses display stand

This sunglasses display stand with steel open eyewear shelves, and integrated LED-lighting per shelf to make sure your frames stand out.

glasses stand

This glass shelves spectacles stand is the ultimate transparent eyewear display which integrates easily in your optical interior.

sunGLASSES shelf display

This sunglass shelf is a unique key-locked eyewear shelf, giving you the ultimate flexibility to create your own eyewear wall.

sunglass stand

This sunglass stand, with key-locked or remote-locked eyewear rods, is especially used in places to present in high capacity your complete sunglasses collection.

SUNGLASSES rack wall

This sunglases rack is available in remote-locked, key-locked and open versions. Place them in groups together to display glasses.

Sunglasses wall display

This glasses stand for the wall has an elegant and subtile appearance. In open and key-locked versions, easily mounted on a wall or panel.

SUNGLASs display rack

This sunglasses stand for shop makes your sunglass collection stand out! This sunglasses store display is available lockable and open, and medium sized or XL.


This sunglasses holder stand is our individual glasses holder and is both available as a standalone holder, or connectable by a rod to create groups.

eyeglass holder stand

This eyeglass stand, or table presentation for eyewear, is the ultimate solution to divide your space in the store or to guide your customers through your store.

eyeglass storage

This eyeglass storage unit, with a mirror placed on the front of the door, makes sure you have your stock safely and nicely stored near your collections.

glasses storage cabinet

This eyewear storage cabinet matches perfectly with our Carré product family: similar in style and functionality. Get your stock organised in the way you want.


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