Over the years, we noticed that presenting unique eyewear collections on high-capacity lockable presentations did not always provide the exposure these frames deserved. Their beautiful colours, design and unique character were less visible, so we asked ourselves the question, how to improve and let your most exclusive eyewear stand out. 
How to lock your most exclusive eyewear? 
We set ourselves to the task of designing a horizontal lockable eyewear presentation inside a minimalist display system, that was fully dedicated to exclusive frames. We created a high-end product made out of durable steel, where the lockable technology is integrated inside the lockable module. A sustainable reliable product that’s made to last for years. An outstanding piece of work that secures easy maintenance anywhere worldwide. 
Impeccable eyewear light for exclusive frames 
Carre horizontal lockable eyewear shelving displays provide optimal integrated lighting, fitted with ten LED lighting modules per pair of glasses, that generate a great wow effect for your customer. 
Create your own eyewear shop layout
Carre horizontal lockable eyewear shelving systems are part of a complete modular product range embedded with all the necessary functionalities to create your own eyewear shop layout. The wide variety of available colours and sizes, allows you to create endless store layouts to match or differentiate your eyewear collections. Integrate these optical shelving displays into your unique store design and enhance the quality of its total concept. 
The ultimate remote-controlled lockable eyewear presentation
The Carré Lockable eyewear shelving displays are the ultimate presentation for luxury frames, that deserve more attention, require impeccable lighting and need to be protected against theft. By choosing this lockable solution, you can easily create an environment where both you and your customer feel at ease. 
These units feature lighting modules of ten LEDs per individual frame, that provide a lively bright image and make your eyewear stand out. The locking mechanism is operated by a remote control with a personal code for the swift opening and closing of your eyewear presentations. 
We created a high-end product, where the engine of the lockable technology is integrated inside each lockable module. So, each frame has its own motor drive. The use of gold-plated circuit board connections creates a stable power network for each individual lock module. 

brand exposure

The cubical lightbox is an effective tool to make your brands pop out. 

This smart-designed accessory uses the light that is integrated within the Carré Steel shelves, allowing you to continuously recreate your brand exposure and surprise your customers. 

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create your stage

This individual podium, in combination with the integrated light inside the Carré Steel units, creates a contrasting stage, which makes eyewear stand out on our darker-coloured steel shelves.

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Our newly-developed Carré LED technology uses ten individual LED lighting modules for each pair of frames. The integrated light elements in the steel Carré shelves are positioned at the front-bottom of the shelf in a specific angle to light up the front of the glasses, while the reflection of the back-panel provides the perfect illumination. This combination between direct and indirect light and the intermission between each frame presentation creates a lively bright image, which makes each frame stand out and makes your eyewear shine!


Our Carré steel LED lighting modules guarantee a constant-voltage power supply for each light unit and is fully electronically controlled.

This system provides completely continuous light, without any flickering. The result: stable light for every pair of glasses, and a calm and serene view where the focus on the glasses is inviting and comfortable.

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A balanced spectrum of light intensity and colour is essential to show colours as they are and express the true beauty of your collections. Most objects around us are only visible because they are reflecting light from some other source. To show an object in its true colour, it has to be illuminated by white light, which spectrum is a mixture of all colours of light.


A LED light of only a few millimetres projects itself through an emulsion layer which is filled with a high-quality complex formula of phosphors. The quality of this emulsion layer determines the specifics of the colour spectrum. Where low-cost LED lighting has a limited colour rendering of less than 60 CRI (colour rendering index), our in-house developed light modules have a balanced colour rendering with optimal natural light (Osram).

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The Carré steel shelving units illuminate each frame with ten individual ten LED lighting modules that have a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin and an average light intensity of 6150 Lux*.   (*depending on local circumstances)

By combining this illumination with tailored ceiling lighting like wall washers, you can create a lively and natural light image and the most optimal eyewear display.

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Carré steel shelving units with a light intensity of 6100 Lux per frame.

Additional ceiling light intensity requirements for the best results. 


Regular LED applications that are not electronically controlled, need dissipation resistors to determine the light intensity. We have developed special driver chips that can deliver very constant durability to the LED lights without the need for these resistors, which allows the heat development to be extremely low. The less heat loss, the more durable. The result? Long life and higher efficiency of your light source.


The use of printed circuit board (PCB) connectors in the unit create a stable power network.

In the case of service, this has a great additional convenience, which allows our modular parts to be easily replaced locally.

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