Van Gestel Optiek - Hilversum

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Seamless and neutral integration inside any store concept is such a strong factor for our Alumina eyewear rods. Get inspired and discover how this retailer together with their architects integrated these rods into a hospitality atmosphere to create their own unique appearance.

What was the reason for this renovation?

The last major renovation was 20 years ago, partly due to corona. Moreover, we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary next year. In the run-up to this festive event, we have thoroughly renovated the store. If you are based in one place for such a long time, you become a household name in Hilversum. That's why we wanted to include typical Hilversum landmarks in the store.

When we brainstormed about the renovation, we wondered what makes Van Gestel Optiek unique and which theme fits with it. We soon came across the work of city architect Dudok, who, like Van Gestel Optiek, is inextricably linked to Hilversum. The imposing and striking building of the Town Hall is particularly well-known in Hilversum. We wanted the lines, tile work, stained glass, and recognizable pillars to be clearly reflected in the store interior.

How did you convert the ideas into a practical optical interior?

New Scene was the ideal partner for us because they understood our wishes very well. We wanted the layout of the store to be logical and easy for us and also for our customers. I think we have succeeded well in this. Customers enter through the stylish pivot doors and walk directly to the service desk. On the left the wall with glasses frames, on the right the sunglasses. Separate from the store are the examination rooms where eye measurements take place in peace.

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We are all so proud of the result. And not only the team, customers are also extremely enthusiastic.”

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How did you organize the glasses presentations?

I didn't want to present the glasses too en masse, so we kept the presentation light. For correction frames, we present a varying number of frames on the shelves. Logo blocks with the relevant brands serve as a break from the whole.

When a customer visits us, we first take a seat at a fitting table to take stock of their wishes. We will also discuss which types of frames are suitable. We then usually choose the frames that are suitable ourselves. We are not limited to the frames that have been presented, but can also draw extensively from the stock in the drawers.

With the sunglasses, we thought the Alumina eyewear rods would fit perfectly into our interior. These glasses columns can be locked electronically. Here too, we choose to keep the presentation clear with alternating long mirrors or a larger shelf in between so that the glasses can be set aside during the fitting process.

'Summer' & 'Winter mode'

We want to present more sunglasses in the summer than in the winter. That is why we have a 'Summer' and a 'Winter mode' for the sunglasses presentation. This allows us to easily adjust the numbers in the glasses presentation. Depending on the season, we expand the presentation with an extra rack that fits seamlessly with the interior. 

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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns



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Alumina remote 15p. black

Alumina eyewear rods are the natural choice for high-capacity presentations and seamless integration. Available in non-locked, key-locked and remote-controlled versions.

The remote-controlled version is operated by a remote control with a personal code for swift and comfortable opening and closing, providing ultimate ease of use.